Rock Paper Scissors - حجر ورقة مقص

Rock Paper Scissors - حجر ورقة مقص

Bellail Card Game

Bellail Card Game

Hanthal Card Game

If you are smart and lucky, you will get rid of your cards easily.

- But if you have bad luck, you will eat the NON-TASTY HANTHAL. Try to avoid eating the large number of Hanthals & always remember, the 6th card takes the entire row.

- Players: 2 - 10

- Age: 7 +

- Time: 30 min.

- Dimensions: 17.5 x 14.5 x 6 cm


! A game of laughter, people, thinking, and a little luck

You must not staple with straws and eat them ... and bring down your cards ... and describe them and the best thing for others

Swallow adjectives .. and take care of the melon !! Always put your mind .. that the sixth card .. recognizes the characteristic

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